Natali Yakeemovich
PhD, DCHomMed (Hons)

  Member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association

My name is Natali Yakeemovich. I am a homeopath with classical homeopathic training. I have obtained my Honors Diploma in homeopathy from Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. Using a combination of homeopathic treatment, nutrition and lifestyle changes I create an individual plan to help each of my patients to achieve health goals. I use a Classical Hahnemannian approach, practicing according to the fundamental tenets of homeopathic theory.  Pure Hahnemannian homeopathy has proven to be effective for hundreds of years and is based on scientific methods of observation.

I was born and raised in Europe where natural medicine, including homeopathy, is commonly used by families as well as by the medical doctors – that’s why it is widely available in pharmacies. In my family natural medicine was the medicine of choice. Allopathic medicine was used only occasionally, when it was really necessary.

I always thought that I would be a medical doctor, but it so happened that I became a chemist. I got my Master’s Degree and then Ph.D. Diploma from the University of Lvivska Polytechnica in Europe. I worked as a research scientist for the Max-Plank Institute, Germany, for 2 years before my maternity leave. When I came to Canada, I was working for 9 years as a senior scientist for one of the biotech company.

I still remember the day when I decided to become a homeopath instead of continuing my successful carrier as a scientist. It was a turning moment in my life. From this point on, I dedicated my life to the art, science and practice of homeopathy. I graduated with honors diploma from Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in Toronto where I completed 3 years of study and a clinical internship. CCHM is the only Canadian College fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA), the gold-standard used for homeopathic colleges in the USA.

I have experience treating a wide spectrum of diseases and in addition I have a special interest in women’s health issues and children’s emotional and behavioral problems. When diagnosing and developing a treatment plan, I always take into account physical, mental, and emotional aspects. As a homeopath, my goal is to address the root cause of patient’s health concerns, rather than simply treating or suppressing symptoms. 

I find homeopathy works best when combined with other holistic modalities such as clinical nutrition and detoxification, so, I use this combined approach, which is tailored to each client's individual needs and situation.

Homeopathy is an ongoing process of studying and deepening of education. In 2014, I participated in homeopathic remedy proving as a supervisor. Each year I continue my professional development in a wide variety of topics. I have additional training in treatment of mental disorders, infertility, ADD/ADHD, pediatric problems, and homeopathic detoxification. I have been fortunate enough to attend many advanced classical homeopathy seminars, learning from many of the world's homeopathic leaders, such as Farokh Master, Jeremy Sherr, Will Taylor, Joe Kellerstein, Liz Lalor, Kim Ellia and Jose Issac.

I am a member of professional Ontario Homeopathic Association.

I speak English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Your better health is the only my goal as a classical homeopathic practitioner.